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The animation was super good. Best I have seen in a while. Voice acting might be the only thing that was not perfect, but the rest was good enough to carry the suspense.

The struggle scene was probably the best, because the face and position of the bear kept changing throughout the darkness cut outs in a very 3D like motion, while his death stares remained visible.
From that point on the dynamics of the drawings and animation increased to a very high level.

Aside from all that it was of course an entertaining twist on the series. So hell yeah good job :)

Pennaz responds:

Thank you for such a kind review! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it 'till the end!

Just a question about the dub, if you get time to reply via PM: did you had problems understanding what was being said, or was it just a matter of bad acting?
Thank you again Migel! :)

I am mixed about this. On the one hand the timing, animation and acting was done great. So you have a good delivery and you captured the show in just a few minutes.

But essentially it is a parody of a parody. I mean people could make a parody about girlchan in paradise and be amusing. But technically they would just be using the jokes that were already there, since the show itself was already parodying.

So I am not saying that I was not entertained. But it's just weird decision in my eyes to parody a parody.

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I had trouble using the gun and shooting the barrel at the same time before I hit it.
Other than that it was a good and funny game.

I liked the idea and momentum feeling. Did have some sound issues but I am sure it's because of my old laptop. I could hear a sound play and then it was gone again. Other than that wouldn't have mind seeing the princess and king react a bit more to the surrounding. Like the princess looking scared the closer the ice king comes and perhaps some similar animations added to the ice king as well.

Awesome but really hard.
Dodging the knife took me about 10 attempts. I really like though how you can finish the game without snatching the arrows from glimmer and can use the alliance to your benefit. The part with the fire was also hard, luckily I already read on bbs that Cato is hard to kill with the arrows so I didn't have any problem defeating him.

Keep up the good work

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At first I thought: "someone give that woman a towel".
But then I understood she is the towel ':D
Clever girl

Really nice stuff. Would love to see another animation though ;)

Spaz found out where the money is ;)

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