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Random rant about coffee and burgers

2007-11-27 03:02:34 by Migel

Can a man judge for himself if a coffee is good or not?
Yes he can and will. Even if he cant make good coffee himself or never tried making coffee. He can compare the different tastes of coffees he has drunk over time and say something like:
Hey ....this is not bad coffee or Hey this coffee is disgusting. He actually can take his own words more serious and become a master in tasting coffees and reviewing their tast. ( The same thing u see with wine tasters )
I mean if u goto to burger king on regular basis and u order the same burger over and over. And u enjoy eating em all but the last one makes u throw up I believe u can just walk back to the counter and say this burger tastes bad. And then u want a burger with better quality.
Even better is when u walk back to the counter and say this burger doesnt contain enough sauce and therefore doesnt contain the quality i wanted. This way u tell the maker of this burger on what to improve. Last thing u want to hear from the guy behind the counter is then : " Hey if u think u know it all so well why dont you make the burger urself?"
But this exactly the responce I got "in a way" from the author of 13 halloween tips. After I gave him a flashmovie review saying that his animation is good but his humor can be compared to those old "kill ur boss" flashgames from the past where it was suposed to be funny to throw coffee over ur boss his face wich for me never was that funny. Since I wasnt the only one who didnt like the humor I adviced him to change his humor style if he wants higher grades ( wich doesnt even have to be the case if hes satisfied with own work )

remyzero responds:

Hmmm maybe I should hire you as a writer.... oh wait. Tosti Trieout, not funny, storyboarding is really bad and confusing, drawings are childish. Thanks for taking the time out to write a review, maybe you should use that time on your flash hahahaha

So if ur animator visitng my profile because I gave u a bad review. And after reading this u still think u want to put same come back to review like this guy. I will have to tell you im perfectly qualified reviewing ur moviers after seeing 100000 of other animations to compare with although I also believe other people should be able to grade u even if they only seen 2 movies.

And think carefully because if u dont agree with this u also have to disagree with all the people who gave u a positive review who dont make good animation themselves. Or u find urself being a hypocrite in the future.


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2007-11-27 03:03:55

Rant. Coffe and Burgers. Story. Yum. Burger. :3


2009-06-17 21:29:45

The lack of proper english in your post makes my head spin

and Im mexican

Migel responds:

I hope that now my english has improved slightly, that you can understand my story bit better.

Animators post their movies here to be seen to public on a website which allows the viewers ( peeps like me ) 2 watch them/rate them and review them.

But there are some animators who compare their skill to that of their reviewer in order to dispower any negative based review. The hypocrite part of this action would be of course embracing the postive reviewers who also have no skill. But im not even going into that behaviour.

Look all im saying is i am a engineer and you are an artist. I can say your animation sucks. This is just simple opinion from a receiver off your movie. Then you can choose whetever to look into it or just discard ( a bad review in my opinion is one that doesnt go into details why it sucked for him )...but ffs dont defend by comparing your own skill to that of the reviewer.

Same goes for me, if you see me build a robot free to walk in a amusement park carrieing kids and kids dont like it or even worse it isnt even a safe construction. Then you as the receiver of that information can tell me what exactly you dont like about my work and maybe Ill look into it if I find the reasoning behind it valid enough.

I am not going to stand there saying you couldnt do any better because that it is a given but you dont need to be a expert to say my construction is unsafe if you can clearly see that kids can get their fingers stuck in the machinery.

So if someone makes a well animated movie but uses slapstick humor for kids that I dont like then in my review I will praise his animating skills but will give a lower grade because of bad humor. It failed to amuse me... so lower grade.

Like in a restaurant when your stuck on the toillet for 20 minutes because of bad prepared meal, you dont want this asshole of a cook to say to you that you couldnt cook the meal any better if you come with a complaint.

If the guy said that his way of cooking only upsets the stomach for a small portion of the crowd and apologised for not warning me about it im actually good. Im already good without the apologisy since I can see now that he cooked that meal based on previous accomplishments.

Same goes for watching movies. If your movie that you showcase in front of my face causes me to spend a large portion of time with my head over the toilllet than the website allows me to review it. Either read it, dont read it. I dont care if you comment on its value or not.

But dont be an totall ass comaring your animating skill to that of mine.